Class Option – Survivalist

UPDATE 27-Dec-14: I’ve posted an updated version of the survivalist class (along with the stalker). Consider the version posted below to be superseded.


Survivalists are hard-bitten adventurers who are too strong to culled by ordinary dangers. They fill a role partway between that of enforcer and scout, acting as a kind of hardy skirmisher. The survivalist goes where others dare not and lives where others can only die.

Survivalist tend to use heavier armour and shields and do not move as swiftly as scouts. Since they are tougher, survivalists also tend engage in melee combat more frequently than scouts.

Game Rule Information

Unless stated below, a survivalist is identical to the scout in terms of rule effects:

Hit Points: Unlike scouts, survivalists start with 10 hit points and gain +5 hp for each additional rank above 1st.

Adventuring Feats:: Survivalists add their full rank +1 to Skill checks, ½ their rank +2 to Might checks, and ½ their rank to Lore checks.

Scout Abilities: Survivalists do not have the Increased Movement, Scouting Ahead, or Tracking abilities of the scout. Survivalists do still get the Foraging and Creep Detector abilities, both at 3rd rank.

Guarding: When the party is resting in the wilderness or a ruin, a survivalist may forfeit all other actions to ‘guard’ instead. This works in the same manner as described in the enforcer class description.

Cleave: A survivalist of 5th rank can make Cleave attacks, as described in the enforcer class description. This replaces the Sneak Attack ability of the scout.

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