Red Harvesters

This creature is swiped from Outland Art’s Mutant Epoch RPG. You can download the Red Harvester supplement for free.

Red Harvester

The Red Harvester is a hideous worm-like mutant creature. It inhabits dense terrain where it can conceal itself from the sun and ambush passing prey. Although called a red harvester, it has chameleon like powers and can pass entirely undetected in vegetation and junk.

When hungry or its territory is intruded upon, this slithering monster becomes a brilliant red color and two long tentacles erupt from its sides, extending toward its next meal. At the tips of these tentacles are emerald-coloured bone wedges which give off a neon glow and an ominous hum…

Here are their game stats:

Red Harvester (#Enc 1): HD 3d8, AC 7, MV 6″, SV +3, 2 energy blades (melee Atk +3/+3, 1d12/1d12 plus will save vs. stun), 600 XP. Chameleon (can roll two Skill checks for surprise and take the best result).

While these creatures are little more than mindless eating machines and have no use for relics, they do tend to drag away the corpses of prey – especially ruin explorers – and stash the cadavers in dark, subterranean lairs (3-in-6 chance of relics in stinking body dump).

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