Sickle Feet

This creature is swiped from Outland Art’s Mutant Epoch RPG. You can download the Sickle Foot supplement for free.

Sickle Foot

A Sickle Foot is a nasty, nightmarish pack hunter of about the size of a large dog. They appear more like mutant beasts than humanoids, but Sickle Feet are intelligent and can speak to each other in a language of grunts and growls.

In an attack, Sickle Feet charge out from cover and converge on the nearest target, leaping up at the last second and extending their clawed feet to rend their prey open. Sickle Feet have excellent morale and will stay in a fight at least until three-quarters of their own number are defeated without inflicting equal casualties among their targets.

Here are their game stats:

Sickle Foot (#Enc 2d4): HD 2d6, AC 7, MV 12″, SV +2, 2 sickle feet (melee Atk +2/+2, 1d6/1d6), 200 XP.

Those who have encountered Sickle Feet also report that some individuals exhibited additional mutations.

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