Class Option – Marauder


Another variant class, this time an alternate to the enforcer. Marauders are best suited as NPCs.

Life in the wastes is hard.

Marauders answer the savagery of the ruined world with their own ferocious might, often forming roving gangs. While all characters have at least some aptitude for bloodshed, the marauder is the best at the execution of raw violence.

Marauders are brutally effective at murder and gain several combat-related special abilities, but are not as resilient as enforcers. Also; not all perils of the badlands can be speared into submission, however, and marauders have few other skills.

Game Rule Information

Unless stated below, a marauder is identical to the enforcer in terms of rule effects:

Combat Ability: Marauders add their full rank to all attack rolls, and retain the Weapon Familiarity ability of the enforcer.

Adventuring Feats: For marauders, might makes right. They have little respect for knowledge and take a –2 penalty to all Lore checks.

Reaction Penalty: Marauders exude violence and are not welcome in most communities. If a marauder is part of a party, they take a –1 penalty to reaction checks from intelligent NPCs. A group with a majority of marauders suffers a –2 penalty.

Berserkergang: A marauder can enter a berserk rage. While enraged, he gains a +2 bonus to Attack and becomes immune to fear. However, attackers get a +2 bonus to attack the marauder, and the character cannot retreat from combat. Once it has begun, a berserker rage cannot be ended until combat ends.

Cleave: At 3rd rank, the marauder gains the Cleave ability, as described in the enforcer class description.

Backstab: Marauders are dirty fighters, and can Backstab starting at 5th rank (replacing the enforcer’s Combat Specialization). This works the same as a scout’s Sneak Attack, but is only effective in melee (with any weapon – light, medium, or heavy).

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