Skullocks / Morlocks / Grimlocks

Presented here are three examples of mutant humanoid genotypes in Tempora Mutantur – skullocks, morlocks, and grimlocks. These creatures serve roughly the same in-game roles as goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears do in D&D. Refer to the Mutational Evolution rules if your PCs are getting too familiar with these foes.

Remember that humanoids are more likely than other creatures to use Ancient relics. Each humanoid encountered has an x-in-6 chance of carrying scavenged goods, where x is equal to the creature’s HD (roll once for each individual).

Also, not all encounters need be hostile. Refer to the rules for NPC and Monster Reactions from the Humanoid Encounters supplement.


Skullocks are short, sinewy savages with pale grey or olive skin. They stand just over three feet tall, have long arms, beady red eyes, teeth like a dog, and stink of rotting meat. They are perhaps the most frequently-encountered humanoid in Tempora Mutantur.

Unlike most mutants, skullocks are inter-fertile with nearly any humanoid genotype and half-skullock crossbreeds are common.

While their size and weak minds don’t make them individually threatening, their numbers, hyper-reproduction, and savagery make up for it.

Here are their game stats:

Skullock (#Enc 3d4): HD 1d6, AC 7, MV 9″, SV +1, by weapon (typically melee Atk +1, 1d6 or ranged Atk +1, 1d4), 50 XP. Weak-minded (-2 to Lore checks & SV vs. psionics), dwarfism (no hvy weapons; wield med weapons in two hands).

Skullocks form semi-nomadic roaming bands of 6d10 individuals. Many skullocks (particularly half-breeds) will possess additional or variant mutations. Exceptional skullocks may also advance in rank.


Morlocks are a degenerate race of underground mutants. They are all albinos and only venture to the surface at night. Their subterranean existence has given them thermal vision (to a range of 9″).

These foul people have an affinity for technological items (they are considered Retro-Tech), which they will employ whenever possible. Since Morlocks often inhabit Ancient ruins, they have uncovered a great number of artifacts (increase chance of relics by 1-in-6).

Here are their game stats:

Morlock (#Enc 1d8): HD 1d8, AC 6, MV 9″, SV +1, by weapon (typically melee Atk +1, 1d8 or ranged Atk +1, 1d6), 100 XP. Infravision (range 9″), albino (-2 to d20 checks in bright light). Retro-Tech; increased chance of relics.

Morlocks lair in underground ruins, where a typical ‘village’ will have a population of 5d10 individuals. Individual morlocks may advance in rank and/or possess additional mutations. Morlock leaders usually wield Ancient relics and shamans tend to possess psionics.


Grimlocks are fierce subterranean mutants who dwell in deep ruins and caverns, emerging at night to maraud across the earth’s surface. They will only eat raw flesh, vastly preferring that of humanoids to all others.

Grimlock eyes are blank and sightless, however they have highly-adapted senses of hearing and smell, giving them effective ‘vision’ within 3″. Their scaly grey skin is exceptionally tough and provides camouflage in subterranean environments. Grimlocks prefer blood-letting weapons, but can also fight with their bare hands.

Grimlock raiding parties often include berzerkers and leaders in addition to common warriors:

Grimlock (#Enc 2d4): HD 2d8, AC 5, MV 9″, SV +2, by weapon (typically melee Atk +3, 1d8 or hvy melee Atk +2, 1d10) or unarmed (melee Atk +2, 1d6), 200 XP. Blindsight (range 3″), chameleon (advantaged for surprise checks), disease-susceptible (-4 to SV).

Grimlock Berzerker (#Enc 1d2): HD 3d8, AC 5, MV 9″, SV +3, by weapon (typically hvy melee Atk +3, 1d10) or unarmed (melee Atk +3, 1d6), 300 XP. Blindsight (range 3″), chameleon (advantaged for surprise checks), disease-susceptible (-4 to SV), berzerk (advantaged in melee).

Grimlock Leader (#Enc 1): HD 4d8, AC 4, MV 9″, SV +4, by weapon (typically hvy melee Atk +4, 1d10) or unarmed (melee Atk +4, 1d6), 400 XP. Blindsight (range 3″), chameleon (advantaged for surprise checks), disease-susceptible (-4 to SV). 2-in-6 wield hvy hybrid melee weapon (1d12 damage).

Grimlocks often possess ranks as enforcers or marauders. Grimlock lairs may contain up to a hundred inhabitants (1d100), plus an equal number of slaves. Since the slave flesh the grimlocks consume (raw) is frequently unwholesome, whole communities can be decimated by disease.

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  1. Skullocks are swiped from Outland Art’s Mutant Epoch RPG, Morlocks from various sources but this version is from Mutant Future, and Grimlocks are from Dungeons & Dragons.

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