House Rule – Variable Hit Points

This house rule is pretty fiddly. I might not actually use it in play, but I wanted to put it online for thoughts & opinions. It is actually a reworked version of an old post.

Fate Dice

When I was revising the Tempora Mutantur Core Rules earlier this year, I switched from “variable hit dice” to “fixed hit points” for PCs. My logic was that since all other aspects of character advancement (attack bonus, adventuring feats) are fixed, that the same should be true for hit points. (Also, I really hate rolling a “1” for hit dice on advancement.)

This makes some sense for pure-strain Humans (with ‘predictable’ genetics), but my gut feel is that characters with mutations should exhibit a range of hit points. Given below are optional tables for variable hit points by genotype.

Human hit points unchanged from the Core Rules. Near-Humans roll Fate dice (dF, as pictured above) to provide some variability, and Mutants roll d4 for a wider range of hit points. The average value is pretty much the same for all characters.


Human Hit Point Progression *

Rank XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
1 0 12 hp 10 hp 8 hp
2 1,000 17 hp 14 hp 11 hp
3 3,000 22 hp 18 hp 14 hp
4 6,000 27 hp 22 hp 17 hp
5 10,000 32 hp 26 hp 20 hp
6 15,000 37 hp 30 hp 23 hp
7 21,000 42 hp 34 hp 26 hp
8 28,000 47 hp 38 hp 29 hp
9 36,000 52 hp 42 hp 32 hp

* These values include +2 bonus hp for pure-strain Humans.


Near-Human Hit Point Progression *

Rank XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
1 0 11+1dF 9+1dF 7+1dF
2 1,000 16+2dF 13+2dF 10+2dF
3 3,000 21+3dF 17+3dF 13+3dF
4 6,000 26+4dF 21+4dF 16+4dF
5 10,000 31+5dF 25+5dF 19+5dF
6 15,000 36+6dF 29+6dF 21+6dF
7 21,000 41+7dF 33+7dF 25+7dF
8 28,000 46+8dF 37+8dF 28+8dF
9 36,000 51+9dF 41+9dF 31+9dF

* These values include +1 bonus hp for Near-Humans.


Mutant Hit Point Progression

Rank XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
1 0 1d4+8 1d4+6 1d4+4
2 1,000 2d4+10 2d4+7 2d4+4
3 3,000 3d4+13 3d4+9 3d4+5
4 6,000 4d4+15 4d4+10 4d4+5
5 10,000 5d4+18 5d4+12 5d4+6
6 15,000 6d4+20 6d4+13 6d4+6
7 21,000 7d4+23 7d4+15 7d4+7
8 28,000 8d4+25 8d4+16 8d4+7
9 36,000 9d4+28 9d4+18 9d4+8


A newly-mutated PC rolls for variable hit points upon Creep contamination, and must keep the value even if it is lower.

Optional “Survivor” Rule: When a surviving near-human or mutant character gains a new rank, roll all the dice and ignore the new result if it is lower than the previous value. This optional rule does not apply to new characters created at a higher rank, only to those who gain experience through play.

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