Land Pikes

Monster stats are fun! Here’s another one swiped from Outland Art’s Mutant Epoch RPG, this time from the Hub Rules.

Land Pike

Land Pikes are amphibious predators that can be encountered in or near water. They are sometimes found underground in flooded ruins.

Although slow on land, these creatures often mass together in groups to corner and bring down prey. Their four walking fins are clawed and webbed, allowing the Land Pike to climb up steep banks, staircases, and the sides of water vessels.

Land Pikes continue to grow continuously throughout life and can be found in various sizes. Here are their game stats:

Land Pike, Juvenile (#Enc 1d8): HD 3d8, AC 6, MV 3″ (land) / 12″ (water), SV +3, bite (melee Atk +3, 1d8), 300 XP. Amphibious.

Land Pike, Adult (#Enc 1d6): HD 5d8, AC 5, MV 3″ (land) / 12″ (water), SV +5, bite (melee Atk +5, 1d10), 500 XP. Amphibious.

Land Pike, Elder (#Enc 1d4): HD 7d8, AC 4, MV 3″ (land) / 12″ (water), SV +7, bite (melee Atk +7, 1d12), 700 XP. Amphibious.

Individual Land Pikes may possess additional mutations.

2 Responses to “Land Pikes”

  1. Arthur Frayn Says:

    Any chance we’ll see a revised bestiary with some of the new monsters? Some kind of robot supplement would seem like a good fit as well.

  2. I’m not planning a revised bestiary, but instead an additional supplement if I get enough mutants to warrant it. Right now I’m just having fun doing stats for cool-looking pics from Mutant Epoch.

    I’ve been fiddling with a ‘Robots’ supplement for quite some time, but never really got anywhere with it. I’ll post what I do have online and see if I can spin it into a proper rules addition.

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