Violence Inhibitors and Berserk Robots

Wasteland Hunter

A short entry today related to robots. My previous post mentioned going ‘berzerk’ – here is game rule information about violence inhibitors and berzerker bots. Now you know why robots have a reputation as “metal-skinned demons”!

Violence Inhibitors

All civilian robots were equipped with “violence inhibitors”, which prevent them from causing intentional harm to Humans (and Near-Humans). If attacked by Humans, these robots will attempt to retreat. Note, however, that Mutants are fair game…

Military robots have no such restrictions, and may inflict harm upon humans if required. Military bots are still subject to command overrides from individuals with the appropriate authority (and possessing the right ID card). Combat bots are not necessarily hostile, however.

Similarly, violence inhibitors are relaxed for security bots – but they many only employ non-lethal force. Typically, they are equipped with weapons which daze, stun, or incapacitate victims.

Disabling (or enabling) a violence inhibitor requires extensive programming modifications. A thinker (of sufficient Tech Level) who attempts this feat of programming must roll twice and take the lower result.

Berzerker Bots

Although the Creep has no biological effect on robots, strains of nano-viruses exist which can corrupt a bot’s programming. These computer viruses were rampant during the Fall, and drove many robots berzerk. Some forms of damage can also produce similar results.

Berzerker bots are a step beyond “wild” robots. They do not recognize any Human authority, their violence inhibitors are corrupted, and they are automatically hostile to Humans (and Near-Humans).

Berzerk robots are frighteningly effective at killing and favour close combat. They can make two attack rolls per round with their primary melee weapon and take the best result (they are considered advantaged in melee combat). Berzerk robots can never flee from battle.

To ‘restore’ a berzerker bot, its data must be completely wiped and reprogrammed from scratch. This is extremely difficult; the programmer must roll two Lore checks and take the lower result. The referee may roll this in secret, and reveal the result only after a robot is reactivated.

One Response to “Violence Inhibitors and Berserk Robots”

  1. Notice that when dealing with berzerker bots, Mutants are actually at an advantage since they do not automatically provoke a hostile response.

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