Robots – General Characteristics


Another robots post – this one provides general characteristics of all (or at least most) bots. Sample robots are also provided for each Security Level (as described in Commands & Programming).

General Characteristics

Although robots will vary widely in their construction, most have the following traits:

  • Robots do not have ‘Hit Dice’ like other creatures. Instead each is given a ‘rank’ for the purpose of attack rolls, saving throws, etc. (A damaged robots will have fewer hit points, and must be repaired to regain them.)
  • Robots are not susceptible to mind-influencing effects (such as some psionic powers).
  • Robots are considered Ancient-Tech, and characters face Tech Level penalties when interacting with them. (Note that this does not apply to combat.)
  • Robots generally have low AC and Damage Resistance. Robots require a power source (usually minifusion cells).
  • Robots are susceptible to ion and EMP weapons. Ion weapons typically do an extra die of damage, while EMP weapons will stun robots.
  • Robots are generally worth at least 1.5× XP for robots with ‘modified’ violence inhibitor, 2× XP for bots with no inhibitor, and 2.5× XP for berzerker bots.

These traits are in addition to the Commands and Programming and Violence Inhibitors and Berserk Robots posts. The referee will have final judgement on how robots operate in a given campaign.

Sample Robots

Presented below are sample robots for each Security Level:

Household Droid (Security Level I): Rank 4 (32 hp), AC 5 / DR 1, MV 15″, SV +6, bludgeon (melee Atk +6, 1d6) or by weapon, 400 XP. Violence inhibitor.

Industrial Bot (Security Level II): Rank 8 (64 hp), AC 3 / DR 2, MV 9″, SV +8, trample (melee Atk +8, 1d12 + reflex save or knocked prone) or 2 tentacles (melee Atk +6/+6, 1d8/1d8), 800 XP. Violence inhibitor.

Ecological Bot (Security Level III): Rank 6 (48 hp), AC 5 / DR 2, MV 18″, SV +6, bludgeon (melee Atk +6, 1d8) or stun ray (ranged Atk +6, fortitude save vs. stun), 600 XP. Violence inhibitor.

Security Droid (Security Level IV): Rank 8 (64 hp), AC 3 / DR 3, MV 18″, SV +8, bludgeon (melee Atk +8, 1d8) or stun ray (ranged Atk +8, fortitude save vs. stun) or by weapon, 1200 XP. Violence inhibitor (modified).

Police Robot (Security Level V): Rank 10 (80 hp), AC 1 / DR 5 (DR 2 force field), MV 24″, SV +10, bludgeon (melee Atk +10, 1d8) or paralysis beam (ranged Atk +10, fortitude save vs. paralysis) or by weapon, 1500 XP. Violence inhibitor (modified).

Warbot (Security Level VI): Rank 15 (120 hp), AC 1 / DR 8 (DR 5 force field), MV 36″, SV +15, 8 lasers (ranged Atk +15, 2d6 each) and 2 mini-missiles (ranged Atk +13, 6d6 each), 3000 XP. No violence inhibitor.

(The stat blocks reflect undamaged ‘standard’ robots, not berzerker bots.)

2 Responses to “Robots – General Characteristics”

  1. The experience for robots might be brutally low…

    I’ll think about it overnight and may update tomorrow.

  2. Okay – the lack of XP from combat needs to be balanced with the salvage value of a robot. You’ll get way more experience for bringing a ‘bot back to the Lau storeroom than the combat XP – particularly if it’s mostly intact.

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