Tempora Mutantur on Google+

UPDATED 04-Jun-13: Real Life™ has deferred attempts to run a Google+ session, but I’m still interested in gathering players for an eventual game…

Rad Sign

I’m getting the itch to run another session of Tempora Mutantur. Not sure if it will be a continuation of the previous campaign, or whether to start something new. I’ve been fiddling with the rules a bit too, as you may notice from recent posts.

I’ve used Skype for online gaming in the past, but Google+ has become quite a hub for the hobby, so I’d like to give it a shot. I’ve created a Tempora Mutantur Community on Google+. I have it set so that moderator approval is required to join.

Anyhow, drop me a line if you’re interested and let me know what kind of game you’d like. I’ll do recruiting online when the whim takes me.

2 Responses to “Tempora Mutantur on Google+”

  1. John Says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!! About time, OMG!! Whoot Whoot!!!!
    I’ll play, I’ll play.

  2. Well, I’ve got an ear infection and a ruptured eardrum… I’m basically deaf for a while, which rules out a Google+ (or Skype) game.

    I still have time for posts, though – maybe a Play-by-Comment game could work…

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