Yellowjackets (and Variants)


Today’s creature feature is more of a “toolkit” post on how to utilise the Mutational Evolution guidelines to create new and unexpected mutants to harass PCs, with Yellowjackets as an example.

Yellowjackets are the scourge of the summer skies, attacking humanoids for no apparent reason. These 12″ long insects are belligerent, bloodthirsty, and pumped up with rage.

They nest in large hives in ruins, under bridges, or on cliff faces; a hive contains about 4d10 members. Anything that comes within 100 feet of a nest brings out the entire hive in a killing fury.

Here are their game stats:

Yellowjacket (#Enc 1d6): HD 1d4, AC 5, MV 15″, SV +0, sting (melee Atk +0, 1 + poison), 100 XP. Poison sting (2d6 damage, fortitude save for ½), frenzy (advantaged in melee combat).

These creatures seem particularly prone to mutation; the following variants are just two examples of the range of mutant wasps which may be encountered:

Firecracker (#Enc 1d4): HD 1d4, AC 5, MV 15″, SV +0, sting (melee Atk +0, 1 + 1d6 fire damage), 100 XP. Burning sting (1d6 fire damage), explosive (explodes for 2d4 damage if exposed to extreme heat or open flame; reflex save for ½).

Spark Wasp (#Enc 3d4): HD 1d4, AC 5, MV 15″, SV +0, sting (melee Atk +0, 1 + stun), 50 XP. Stunning sting (fortitude save vs. stun), susceptible to infection (-4 on saves vs. disease).

Additional strains have also been reported, each exhibiting its own particular colouration.


Random Variations

As you can see, the Mutational Evolution rules have been applied to create a new creature. Each variant has a sting with a different effect, and usually a second mutation (replacing “frenzy”) for flavour.

You don’t have to stop here. Additional sting effects can be created, and referees can roll on the following table for a random type:

  1. Yellow: 2d6 damage, fortitude save for ½.
  2. Orange: 1d6 fire damage.
  3. Cyan: Fortitude save vs. stun.
  4. Blue: Fortitude save vs. paralysis.
  5. Green: Fortitude save vs. Creep.
  6. Black: Fortitude save vs. death (×2 XP).

You can also change the creature’s environment or body type:

Dwarf Wasp (#Enc Add +1dx): HD ¼ (1 hp), AC 6, MV 12″, SV +0, sting (melee Atk +0, roll randomly for type; +4 on saves vs. sting), 50 XP. (Miniature variant.)

Marine Wasp (#Enc 1d4): HD 1d4, AC 5, MV 6″ (land) / 12″ (water), SV +0, sting (melee Atk +0, roll randomly for type), 100 XP. (Aquatic variant.)

Hunter Wasp (#Enc 1): HD 2d8, AC 5, MV 12″, SV +2, sting (melee Atk +2, roll randomly for type), 200 XP. (Large wingless variant.)

Starting with just one creature a referee can quickly and easily create new variations to bedevil his players. They’ll never know what they’re facing!

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