Tempora Mutantur Play-by-Comment?

Do YOU have what it takes to brave a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures?

Rad Sign

I’m jonesing to get in some actual play of Tempora Mutantur, but the stars have not aligned for a Google+ session. Instead, I am thinking about running a Play-by-Comment mini-campaign here on this gameblog.

I’ve done several play-by-comment games before (Expedition to the Barrier Peaks being the most popular). But this time I’m looking for more of a ‘quick-and-dirty’ experience – the amount of time to craft each post was a reason why I got burnt out before. The intent would be to portray a single outing and see how things go.

Is there any interest? Tempora Mutantur is suited to single players with multiple PCs, so I’d be willing to run with a very small group.

Leave a comment here if you’re game, check out the Core Rules / Mission Overview (and maybe the Genotypes & Classes supplement), then make a few characters.

15 Responses to “Tempora Mutantur Play-by-Comment?”

  1. I’ve managed to (1) catch an ear infection and (2) blow out an eardrum, so I’m basically deaf at present. Also, I haven’t really gotten into the whole Google+ thing (I prefer blogging).

    I find I still have time to post online, though, and think a Play-by-Comment game might work out.

  2. John Says:

    How did you blow out your eardrum, you sneeze too hard??
    Hope you feel better.
    Sorry your not feeling the Goggle+ online thing. I must say I was looking forward to doing the ‘sit around the table with a group of people and slay baddies’.

  3. (I went up a very tall elevator with an ear infection. It probably would have ruptured anyways, even without the elevator.)

    So is Bart in for a Play-by-Comment game? Or would you like a new character?

  4. John Says:

    Where is the setting? Lau or some other place? If a different place, someplace on the map or not? I am interested.

  5. Depends on the players, but I have at least one idea.

    I left things on a a bit of a cliffhanger when we stopped gaming last time. I’d prefer to start with a Surface Expedition Team that was someplace far away from Lau when they received the “radio silence” order. Now they have to make their way back and figure out what happened…

  6. John Says:

    That is fine. I have been wanting to explore both Met Roh and Embert. Though I feel the need to remind you of my,, reluctance to let my characters die.
    Perhaps there is a similar colony above Embert, (not on the map yet) and they are exploring ‘downward’ to find the source of the radio signals. Also a group could have gone towards Met Roh.
    If a group went towards Met Roh, most certainly the 4 unk. hexes below Lau are know. (Hex 1R, 2R and 2RR, 3RR) Depending on how they went there are most likely even more know hexes. There are no “easy” ways to get there, though there are shorter ways.
    It is possible that they went looking for the silo. (Lower right on the map.) If this is the case, they would not really care about radio silence, as they would know they were a LONG ways from help.
    Whatever the case the 4 unknown hexes directly below Lau would be known by now, and most likely many more, as prior to radio silence being imposed, updates were given regularly as I recall.

  7. John Says:

    HAHA, I missed that last sentence in your response.

  8. John Says:

    Have you seen the short film Remnant? 15min long and the song at the end is great.

  9. dr.intensity Says:

    I’m in! I’ll be travelling quite a bit over the next few weeks but should, for the most part, have internet access.

  10. dr.intensity Says:

    Here’s a character:
    Shorty, Human Scout 1 (XP 0, +10% XP bonus). 10 hp, AC 7 (rough cloth armour), MV 15″, SV +7, crude steel machete (light melee Atk +1, 1d8), GM chosen minor relic. Shorty has been sneaking around Lau for years hoping for her chance to join a surface expedition. Shorty is both short in stature and patience.

  11. I added Shorty to a new post. I say a machete is a medium melee weapon. You got a pipe rifle (with ammo) as a minor relic.

  12. John Says:

    Here is my character:
    Damocles, near-human Enforcer 1(xp 0)/11 hp (includes bonus)
    Heavy Armor and stop sign shield (see Brewster body armor. This armor might also inhibit his peripheral vision.) AC? MV 6″/ SV +6 (includes bonuses) Also has tinted goggles.
    1 knife (LT melee 1d6\1d4) 1 knife (LT melee 1d6\not throwable) 1 Fuebar [see picture] (Med. melee 1d8) 1 Bore spear (HV melee 1d10 [extended reach]).
    Has a backpack with a sharping stone, large plastic sheet, extra pair of boots, small cooking pot, and blanket. Carries 3 bottles of water. 10- 5ft iron bars that have threaded ends that connect to make a ladder. Each section has a hole that can accommodate a cross member.
    Flaws: Chronic Asthma (-2 might checks, must rest 1per6 round fighting/ 1per6 turns exploring)
    Mobility Impaired (-3″ move)
    Perks: ?
    Damocles grew up in Lau and so did not learn of his Asthma until he left and went exploring. (It is possible that he might out grow this, assuming he lives that long.) He got separated from his first group months ago, and decided to keep exploring on his own. Also he is a bit lost. However he found a old set of armor and though it is VARY heavy it provides excellent protection. While he dose not know where he is in relation to Lau, he is vary knowledgeable of the surrounding terrain. When he is not gasping for breath, he is quite talkative.

  13. Looks good. I rolled “Danger Sense” for Damocles’s Mutant Perk. You don’t need to take “Mobility Impaired” for the armour – it already restricts your movement.

    • John Says:

      The Mobility Impaired was because he has Chronic Asthma, he just can not move fast or far without getting winded. Also you said in a earlier post something about the DM rolling a second flaw if you chose to start with a NH character. (Well, if he was not “nice”.)

  14. John Says:

    However if you are saying that he dose not need a second flaw I will not complain. Can I update the character post or not?

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