Advanced Firearms

Assault Rifle

The careful control of parts for advanced energy weapons led to a renaissance of the gunsmith’s arts during the last years before the Fall. Some modern enclaves retain enough expertise to fashion basic firearms, provided they have sufficient supplies of scrap for their construction. The availability of Advanced Firearms, however, is quite limited.

Advanced Firearms

The following weapons are considered Advanced-Tech. Creatures without the prerequisite Tech Level suffer a -2 penalty on Attack rolls per Tech Level difference (-1 for enforcers).

  Advanced Firearms Type Value Damage
Submachinegun Adv, Med, Ranged XXX TU 1d8/1d8
  Auto-fire, out of ammo on 1 or 2 (on either Atk).
Assault Rifle Adv, Hvy, Ranged XXX TU 1d10/1d10
  Auto-fire, out of ammo on 1 or 2 (on either Atk).
Sniper Rifle Adv, Hvy, Ranged XXX TU 1d10
  Slow, sniper, out of ammo on 1, 2, or 3

Auto-fire is considered considered advantaged – the character can make two attack rolls and can pick which result to use. However, the weapon runs out of ammo if either Atk roll is a 1 or 2.

A sniper attack is considered advantaged if a full round is spent aiming before pulling the trigger.

Firearms in Melee

Firearms can also be used in melee. Pistol-whips and rifle butts are considered improvised attacks, but a bayonet-equipped firearm can make a fearsome melee weapon.

  Weapon / Attack Type Value Damage
Pistol-Whip Primitive, Lt, Melee n/a 1d4
  Improvised, fast.
Rifle Butt Primitive, Med, Melee n/a 1d6
Bayonet Primitive, Med, Melee XXX TU 1d6
Vibro-Bayonet Hybrid, Med, Melee XXX TU 1d8
  Requires power cell.

A rifle equipped with a bayonet loses the accurate and sniper traits. Note that low-tech characters can make firearm melee attacks without penalty (as long as they can figure out how to activate a vibro-bayonet).

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