Class Option – Slayer


Another variant class, this time an alternate to the enforcer. Slayers are based on a Dwarven Glory class option.

Slayers are warriors dedicated to hunting a particular type of foe. Different types exist – mutant-slayers, beast-slayers, human-slayers, robot-slayers, etc.

Slayers often fill a prestigious role either as elite soldiers and protectors or as far-ranging hunters who spend years at a time wiping out as many enemies as they can before returning home.

Slayers are an enforcer sub-class. They may serve as common soldiers, but are most effective against their chosen foe.

Game Rule Information

Unless stated below, a slayer is identical to the enforcer in terms of rule effects:

Chosen Foe: At 1st rank, a slayer must select his chose foe. Common selections include mutants (specifically, mutant humanoids), beasts, humans (pure-strains and near-humans), and robots (including cyborgs). Once selected, this choice cannot be changed.

Foe-Tracking: Before a slayer can defeat his foes, he must find them. The character can track his chosen foe in the same manner as a scout. This special ability does not extend to the tracks of other creatures. A Skill check is required.

Foe-Tracking replaces the Guardian ability of the standard enforcer.

Attack Bonus: At 3rd rank, slayers gain a +1 on attack rolls vs. their chosen foe.

Defence Bonus: Also at 3rd, slayers gain defensive bonuses against their chosen foes, who take a –2 penalty on attack rolls vs. the slayer.

Save Bonus: Slayers gain a +2 on saves vs. their chosen foe at 3rd rank.

These three abilities replace the Cleave ability of the standard enforcer at 3rd rank.

Foe-Killer: Starting at 5th rank, the character is considered advantaged in melee and ranged combat against his chosen foe. The character makes two attack rolls per round and can pick which result to use (after determining damage).

This replaces the Combat Specialization ability of the standard enforcer.

(Slayers still receive the standard Weapon Familiarity ability at 1st rank.)

6 Responses to “Class Option – Slayer”

  1. The referee may choose to restrict this class to PCs with the Beast-Hunter or Mutant-Hunter quirks. Note that class abilities stack with these quirks.

  2. John Says:

    Hay, this and the Dog Handler class are nice additions. I am trying to convince a friend to play this game and have been reacquainting myself with the game and map, and I realized that it has been 4 years since we last played, long time… I don’t suppose your ready to come back are you?
    I was going to ask if you had seen the game Mutant: Year Zero, but I see you have. Are you going to do a revue? There are only two game stores in the states that say they are going to carry the game in store, one in Georgia and the other in Alaska.(Alaska of all places…. I mean really, have they seen the census, the city of Detroit has more people living in it than the entire state. ) This looks like a REALLY cool game.
    Hope you think about running a game again.

  3. I’ll probably write a review for Mutant: Year Zero once I’ve had a chance to read it in more detail. It’s easiest to adapt character classes; the Dog Handler was the first that really caught my eye.

    Been thinking a little about running some new sessions. I was running a tabletop D&D campaign for about a year and a half and also have been into board games. We will see…

  4. John Says:

    What is the mapping program that you use for the game? If you say the name I am missing it. I am going to be running a TM game and would like to make a map for us to use, since it is going to be run via Skype.

  5. Hexographer:

    The trial version can by used online for free.

  6. John Says:

    Thank you I have downloaded it to my computer and started a map. Now, my question is how can I put/post it so my group can see it?

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