Tribal Defenders

Got hit with a dose of nostalgia this weekend… Was thinking about my old Ground Zero PBeM – and the Tribal Defenders game in particular.

This campaign suggestion was included in the Genotype Summary, but I never wrote it up as a post.

Tribal Defender

For a more significant departure from the default campaign model, the referee may allow players to portray primitive surface-dwelling Mutants. An entire campaign can be based on such a “Tribal Defenders” approach.

Mutant PCs possess all the genotype traits as given in the Genotype Summary. Such characters are considered Primitive-Tech (except for thinkers, who are Retro-Tech).

Since they are born and adapted to the wastes, surface Mutants also possess the Creep-Resistant trait. This allows the character to re-roll a failed fortitude save vs. Creep. Due to previous mutagenic exposure, however, the PC will start with Mild Creep contamination.

In addition, all Tribal Defenders start with mutations. You may possess up to four mutations of any grade (as given in the Mutations supplement). For every mutant perk of a given grade that you possess, you must also have a mutant flaw of the same grade. The player may select one of these mutations (either the perk or the flaw), but must randomly roll for the other.

(If the referee agrees, a character who is not disfigured and has one or fewer major mutations may instead be a rare surface-dwelling Near-Human.)

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