Revised Character Cards

I’ve updated the printable player cards to include descriptive traits, which means they’ve lost the clipart.

I’ve also made two colour variants on old-school printer paper:


(Original design from artikid’s designs).

2 Responses to “Revised Character Cards”

  1. Moses Says:

    I like the new character cards. I also really like the self made tokens. Those are COOL.
    Do you think you might run a TM game? Maybe a different location? Perhaps even in a totally different part of the world? Japan, Tokyo, Alaska, LA,,, this would mean new and different characters, history, etc. I would love to play. I would also consider GMing.
    I have run 2 TM one shots, to say they were not well done is being polite. LOL.
    Have you gotten the game Mutant: Year Zero??

  2. Hey Moses; good to hear from you! I’ve been running fantasy D&D campaigns instead of post-apocalyptic lately, so no Tempora Mutantur for now.

    I’ve seen the M:Y0 stuff and I really like how it focuses on the Ark development instead of just the characters. That’s one area that I really wanted to examine in Tempora Mutantur, but didn’t have the game mechanics to do so. And I really like the art, too.

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