Ray Cats

Ever hear about the Ray Cat Solution? Check out 99% Invisible for an excellent introduction to Ray Cats.

Ray Cats are oddly-coloured domestic felines that considered to be good luck by wasteland-dwellers. Their most notable feature is that Ray Cats change colour when exposed to Creep.

This makes them the living equivalent of Rad Tabs – scavengers who observe a Ray Cat change colour are allowed an additional Skill check to avoid Creep Contamination (this does not stack with Rad Tabs or Geiger Counters).

It is unlikely that characters will ever seek to injure Ray Cats. Nonetheless, here are their game stats:

Ray Cat (#Enc 1 or 2d6): HD 1d4, AC 6, MV 6″, SV +0, claws (melee Atk +0, 1d2), 25 XP. Creep Detector.

Individual Ray Cats may possess additional mutations.

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