Campaign Map

UPDATE 26-Nov-11: Updated based on actions during the November 26th Tabletop and Play-by-Skype sessions.

Here is the current campaign map, available here for quick reference (click to embiggen):

Circular white ‘targets’ denote current positions of Surface Expedition Teams. The red ‘rad symbols’ denote Creep zones.

Also check out the Player Characters, Campaign Rumours, and Tau Storeroom pages.

8 Responses to “Campaign Map”

  1. Moses Says:

    I had thought we (Bart et al) had said that the desert hex tween the lower fungus and the lower tree hex’s was creep-ed? I ask this as I see that this is not noted on the map. This happened as we were returning from the ‘Hole-in-the-wall’ rest stop when we discovered the ‘Glowing’ man.

  2. You are correct; I will update and re-post.

  3. Moses Says:

    You forgot(?) to show where the OGRE is located. Also what do all the white circles mean? If it were not for Eden having one I would assume that they are places that are considered safe/level up places, but with Eden having one and you specifically saying last night that we will not be able to level up while at Eden, I am a little confused.

  4. Moses Says:

    Hit post too soon, sorry.
    Also we found the remains of a road near the OGRE, (yes along with ruins) and I thought you said that the hex next to the cactus forest on the right was not desert. I remember you gave it a different color during the game and said something different about it.
    Ok, now I think I am done and can post:}

  5. Map updated with OGRE position. The white circles show where there are currently Expedition Teams from Lau. The new hexes were all desert (I just clicked a different colour in Twiddla by mistake). The eroded roadways near the OGRE are not long enough to show on the map (they do not improve movement at all).

  6. Moses Says:

    Ahhh I see, thanks for the clarification.

  7. Note that I’ve finally updated the map from last month’s Skype session to the Forest of Eyes.

  8. Updated with info from Nov 26th Skype session.

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