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Play-by-Comment Character Roster

Posted in Game Planning with tags , , , on 05-Jul-13 by K-Slacker

(This will be updated as new victims recruits become available…)

Damocles (John): Near-Human Enforcer 1 (0 XP), 11 hp, AC 2 (Brewster body armour & Stop-sign shield), MV 6″, SV +5, FuBar (med melee Atk +1, 1d8) or boar spear (hvy melee Atk +1, 1d10).

Might +4, Skill +2, Lore +2. Creep: Mild. Mutations: Danger sense (psi-power; ignore surprise), chronic asthma (-2 to Might checks, must rest 1-in-6)

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear (including a sharpening stone, large plastic sheet, extra pair of boots, small cooking pot, blanket, 3 bottles of water, and 10-5 ft iron bars that have threaded ends that connect to make a ladder), Brewster body armour, Stop-sign shield, FuBar, boar spear, rad tab (green).

Damocles was separated from his first group months ago, and decided to keep exploring on his own. He is a bit lost. He found a old set of armour and although it is very heavy it provides excellent protection. While he does not know where he is in relation to Tau, he is very knowledgeable of the surrounding terrain. Damocles did not learn of his asthma until he left and went exploring. When he is not gasping for breath, he is quite talkative.


Shorty (Dr. Intensity): Human Scout 1 (0 XP, +10% bonus), 10 hp, AC 7 (rough cloth armour), MV 15″, SV +6, rugged steel machete (med melee Atk +0, 1d8) or pipe rifle (med ranged Atk -1, 1d8).

Might +7, Skill +11, Lore +7. Creep: None.

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear, rough cloth armour, rugged steel machete, pipe rifle (with ammo), rad tab (green).

Shorty has been sneaking around Tau for years hoping for her chance to join a Surface Expedition Team. She is short both in stature and patience.

Tempora Mutantur Play-by-Comment?

Posted in Game Planning with tags , , on 20-Jun-13 by K-Slacker

Do YOU have what it takes to brave a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures?

Rad Sign

I’m jonesing to get in some actual play of Tempora Mutantur, but the stars have not aligned for a Google+ session. Instead, I am thinking about running a Play-by-Comment mini-campaign here on this gameblog.

I’ve done several play-by-comment games before (Expedition to the Barrier Peaks being the most popular). But this time I’m looking for more of a ‘quick-and-dirty’ experience – the amount of time to craft each post was a reason why I got burnt out before. The intent would be to portray a single outing and see how things go.

Is there any interest? Tempora Mutantur is suited to single players with multiple PCs, so I’d be willing to run with a very small group.

Leave a comment here if you’re game, check out the Core Rules / Mission Overview (and maybe the Genotypes & Classes supplement), then make a few characters.

Tempora Mutantur on Google+

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UPDATED 04-Jun-13: Real Life™ has deferred attempts to run a Google+ session, but I’m still interested in gathering players for an eventual game…

Rad Sign

I’m getting the itch to run another session of Tempora Mutantur. Not sure if it will be a continuation of the previous campaign, or whether to start something new. I’ve been fiddling with the rules a bit too, as you may notice from recent posts.

I’ve used Skype for online gaming in the past, but Google+ has become quite a hub for the hobby, so I’d like to give it a shot. I’ve created a Tempora Mutantur Community on Google+. I have it set so that moderator approval is required to join.

Anyhow, drop me a line if you’re interested and let me know what kind of game you’d like. I’ll do recruiting online when the whim takes me.

Underground Con 2012

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I’m running another convention game this year at Underground Con. Last year’s game was well-received, and I’m looking to repeat the success and generate more interest in minimalist RPGs.

Here’s the promo blurb for this year’s event:

Underground Con is Calgary’s Premiere Grassroots Gaming Convention. Taking place over one day, we offer a variety of board games and rpgs for those that want to try something new!

This year, the Con happens on June 9, 2012 offering games in a variety of systems and keeping with favorites from last year like our Dominion Tournament. There is sure to be something for everyone! Underground Con is only $20 for a full day of games. You’re sure to find something you enjoy!

I want to play in the Iron DM tournament this year, so I’ve signed up for the 10:00 a.m. session (slot 1). Come have your morning coffee in a post-apocalyptic wasteland on June 9th!

Skype Saturday?

Posted in Game Planning with tags , , , , on 20-Oct-11 by K-Slacker

Do YOU have what it takes to brave a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures?

I’ve run a Skype session every Saturday evening for the past three weeks in a row. I’d like to make it a regular event – Skype Saturday.

We have two active “story threads” right now – the exploration of the Eden Prairie Vault Complex, and the investigation of Mysterious Radio Transmissions. Depending on which players are available, we can continue either of these – or start a new adventure.

So leave a comment here if you’ve been lurking and are interested in trying out a game. (Alternately, you can e-mail me at

Game Session Tonight!

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UPDATE 30-Sep-11: We’re exploring Eden Prairie tonight (September 30th) at 7:30 pm MDT. Skype and Twiddla will be used (instead of Google+)

Do YOU have what it takes to brave a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures?

I am looking to try out the new features on Google+ for online gaming. I’m especially keen to see how it handles desktop sharing, as this is something that I haven’t been able to do on a Mac via Skype.

(We’ll be using Skype and Twiddla instead. I’ve set up a Tempora Mutantur space at

Two potential scenarios come to mind:

  1. The PCs in the Eden Prairie expeditions have discovered a vault complex that is begging to be delved, but they need additional manpower (and firepower) to do so.
  2. Mysterious radio transmissions have been recently been detected by Tau’s technical staff, emanating in bursts from the vicinity of Ember (north of Tau). A Surface Expedition Team is requested to patrol the wastes near Ember, using sensitive radio receivers to triangulate and determine the location.

(The group has decided to continue delving Eden Prairie.)

If you think you might have what it takes, download the Core Rules and Mission Overview, then leave a comment here or send me an e-mail at

Skype Session – Sat Jul 2nd

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(These are game notes and resources for the July 2nd Play-by-Skype session that I haven’t organized yet.)

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