Player Characters

UPDATE 09-Nov-11: Updated with results from the Oct 22nd and Nov 6th Skype sessions. (Minor corrections 25-Nov-11.)

Here are stats for the currently active PCs, collected together for easy reference. Click on the list below to jump directly to the character:

  1. Bartholemew Powell (Moses): Human Thinker 3 (Ft. Bart).
  2. Xavier Hollis (Moses): Human Enforcer 2 (Eden).
  3. Crow-That-Dances (Moses): Mutant Scout 3 (Eye Forest).
  4. Steckel (Dr. Intensity): Human Thinker 4 (Tau).
  5. Mad Mariah (Dr. Intensity): Human Enforcer 3 (Eden).
  6. Sawney (Kevin): Human Scout 3 (Tau).
  7. Jest (Kevin): Human Enforcer 3 (Eden).
  8. Buick le Sabre (Roger): Human Enforcer 1 (Crestone).
  9. Boogatti (Roger): Near-Human Scout 1 (Tau).
  10. Gunnar the Bold (Adam): Near-Human Scout 3 (Eye Forest).
  11. Professor Dogface (Adam): Near-Human Thinker 1 (Tau).
  12. Jerome Lemner (Jon): Human Thinker 2 (Tau).
  13. Charlie Roxx (Gonster): Human Enforcer 2 (Tau).
  14. Silent Jack (Gonster): Human Scout 1 (Farmyard).

And here are a selection of NPCs here to round out adventuring parties:

  1. ‘Little’ Lucas: Near-Human Scout 2 (Crestone).
  2. ‘Large’ Logan: Near-Human Scout 1 (Crestone).
  3. Richard the Tainted: Mutant Enforcer 3 (Farmyard).
  4. Zieser Three-Arm: Mutant Thinker 3 (Eye Forest).

Also check out the Campaign Rumours, Campaign Map, and Tau Storeroom pages.


Bartholomew Powell (Moses). Human Thinker 3 (5510 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (used tires & chain), MV 9″, HD 3+2 (hp 14), prybar (med melee Atk +0, 1d8), heavy crossbow (hvy ranged Atk +0, 1d8), or large knife (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: None. Quirk: Biologist (+2 bonus to Lore checks related to living creatures, -2 penalty to all other Lore checks). Gas mask, backpack, and purse (see below for contents).

Bart carries a large women’s purse made of hemp. The purse has one strap and is the kind you see young kids with, ’cause it can hold everything but a sink. Between it and his backapack, he has 2 canteens, slim-jim (yes the car kind), pocket knife, sharping stone, flint and steel, small metal pot, chop sticks, rope, toe nail clippers, tweezers, clean rags (lots), 2 rolls of string, folding yard stick, bottle of rubbing alcohol, a book on the repair of spinning wheels and looms, sample containers (containing autopsy samples, roach eggs, and roach spoo), magnifying glass, stethoscope, tongue depressors, first aid kit (3 uses remaining), a ready-syringe (plus antitox and rad-purge ampules), a geiger counter (with power cell), 2 sling stones, and an e-clip (charged).

Nicknamed ‘Packrat’ Powell, Bart is viewed as something of a hoarder by his comrades.

Xavier Hollis (Moses). Human Enforcer 2 (2685 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7/DR 1 (flak jacket), MV 12″, HD 2d10+2 (hp 19), rifle (med ranged Atk +2, 1d10), mace (med melee Atk +2, 1d8), or spear (med melee Atk +2, 1d6 or med ranged Atk +2, 1d6). Creep: None. Backpack (see below for contents).

Xavier’s gear includes binoculars, sketch book and pencils, a small tool set (pliers, screw drivers, wire cutters, small hammer, chisel, punch, adjustable wrench), 100′ nylon rope, strap-on boot spikes, good work gloves, spool of wire, foam mat, sleeping bag, small 1 man tent (minor wear & tear), flint & steel, mirror, firearm ammo (2), a communicator (with power cell), and a first aid kit (1 use remaining).

A skilled marksman, Xavier is nicknamed ‘Einstein’ because of his intelligence and skill at reloading spent ammo. Xavier was a Bantam weight fighter but now is going outside to be muscle for exploration groups. His grasp of tactics and combat should help any group that he is with. However he is hoping to hook up with Bart and maybe help him with his experiments.

Bart has been on several surface expeditions to the fungus forest and Eden Prairie. He has the longest survival record for this year’s Surface Expedition Team. Xavier is Bart’s friend from childhood, and is significantly smarter than others give him credit for.

Crow-That-Dances-Under-the-Moon (Moses). Mutant Scout 3 (3390 XP), AC 9 (unarmoured), MV 15″, HD 3d8 (9), boar spear (hvy melee Atk +1, 1d10), Roman gladius (med melee Atk +1, 1d8), hunting knife (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged Atk +3, 1d4), Ancient hunting bow (med ranged +3, 1d8), or sling (lt ranged Atk +3, 1d4). Creep: Low+ (Telempathic Projection, Bizarre Appearance). Quirk: Primitive (+2 bonus to Lore checks for wilderness survival, -2 penalty to tech-related Lore checks). Sturdy leather backpack (see below for contents).

Crow’s backpack contains a foam mat and quilt, Swiss army knife, 100 ft of nylon rope, 3 canteens, compass, mirror, lock picking tools, scissors, 3 piece fishing pole and reel, 2 cans WD40, fire starter, soap, towels, new package of 12 socks, sharpening stone, extra sling ammo, energy clip (charge unknown), flashlight (with power cell), first-aid kit (1 use remaining), arrows (1 extra), sling stones (1 extra), 2 electronic parts.

Crow-That-Dances-Under-the-Moon is from a tribe northwest of Tau. He has the legs of a bird from below the knee, and his head is covered with black feathers. He can not speak easily because of how his face is formed, but he can write and knows sign language. He can also imitate birds – especially crows – hence part of his name.

Crow is a mutant tribal out exploring the world and looking for allies and technology to help his people. While he has little idea how to use the Ancient relics that finds, he is hoping that he can take things that the others in the tribe will know how to use. He has grew up on stories of how the rich cheat the poor and make rules to keep the poor, poor. He is cognizant of this yet knows that he must interact with others to help his people survive. He is hoping that he meets people who do not take advantage of him. Right now he has returned to his tribe after his walk-about to prove his manhood.

Steckel (Dr. Intensity). Human Thinker 4 (6375 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7/DR 1 (carpet strips over Habicorp fabristeel jumpsuit), MV 12″, HD 4+2 (hp 17), ballpeen hammer (lt melee Atk +2, 1d6 or lt ranged +2, 1d4), slingshot (lt ranged Atk +2, 1d4), or ion grenade (lt ranged Atk +4, effects unknown). Creep: None. Language translator (no power cell), rad tab, ion grenade.

Steckel really believes that he is special and will one day do something amazing.

Mad Mariah (Dr. Intensity). Human Enforcer 3 (5100 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5/DR 1 (coin mail over fabristeel jumpsuit), MV 9″, HD 3+2 (hp 22), sledgehammer (hvy melee Atk +3, 1d10), or big wrench (med melee Atk +3, 1d8), or aluminum rod (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged +3, 1d4), or rocks (lt ranged Atk +3, 1d4). Creep: None. Rad tab (broken).

Mariah has a temper and her tantrums usually involve rock-throwing.

Steckel and Mad Mariah are veterans of both the Torrington expedition as well as the first foray into the Eden Prairie Vault. They returned to Eden Prairie for a subsequent expeditions, where Steckel was identified as a descendant of P. Bachman.

Sawney (Kevin). Human Scout 3 (4040 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7 (leather armour), MV 15″, HD 3+2 (hp 18), handgun (lt ranged Atk +3, 1d8), makeshift bow (med ranged Atk +3, 1d6), or 2 knives (lt melee Atk +1/-1, 1d6/1d6), or 1 knife (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged +3, 1d4). Creep: None. Cerebral rat pelts, night goat horns, vomit fly wings, giant roach mandibles, rad tab.

Jest (Kevin). Human Enforcer 3 (3840 XP, +10% bonus), AC 4 (tire tread armour & hubcap shield), MV 9″, HD 3+2 (hp 22), large steel wrench (med melee Atk +3, 1d8), or metal pipe (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged +3, 1d4). Creep: None. Portable hologram projector (with power cell and Habicorp advertising holovid), flashlight (with power cell).

Sawney and Jest took part in the exploration of the Eden Prairie Vault as well as the Fungus Forest expedition.

Five new PCs took part in the Underground Con session, exploring an Ancient missile silo:

Buick le Sabre (Roger). Human Enforcer 1 (450 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (55-gallon steel drum), MV 6″, HD 1+2 (hp 12), 2 tire irons (lt melee Atk -1/-3, 1d6/1d6), or 1 tire iron (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged +1, 1d4). Creep: None.

Boogatti (Roger). Near-Human Scout 1 (950 XP), AC 7 (duct tape armour), MV 15″, HD 1d6+1 (hp 8), parking meter (hvy melee Atk +0, 1d10). Creep: Low (Ultravision). Rad tab, roll of duct tape.

Gunnar the Bold (Adam). Near-Human Scout 3 (3770 XP), AC 7/DR 1 (leather trenchcoat, fabristeel jumpsuit), MV 15″, HD 3d6+3 (hp 12), chain (med melee +1, 1d8), rifle (med ranged Atk +3, 1d10), 2 daggers (lt melee Atk +1/-1, 1d6/1d6), or 1 dagger (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged +3, 1d4). Creep: Low (Danger Sense). Rad suit, rad tab, quill cat claws, firearm ammo (1 extra), rad purge (in readi-syringe), 5 mechanical parts.

An angry, post-apocalyptic viking.

Professor Dogface (Adam). Near-Human Thinker 1 (610 XP), AC 5 (lead-lined labcoat), MV 9″, HD 1d4+1 (hp 6), flippin’ huge wrench (hvy melee +0, 1d10), darts (lt ranged Atk +0, 1d4). Creep: Low (Environmental Sensitivity). Rad tab.

The ugliest man you’ve ever met, in a lead-lined labcoat.

Jerome Lemner (Jon). Human Thinker 2 (1850 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (tire tread armour), MV 9″, HD 2+2 (hp 11), scrap metal knife (lt melee +1, 1d6 or lt ranged +1, 1d4) or slingshot (lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: None. Flashlight (with power cell), ready-syringe (empty), rad tab, sensor pod (scavenged from Eden Prairie Vault), 4 mechanical parts, 6 electronic parts.

Son of the Tau Storeroom Curator, eager to learn about the Ancients.

Jerome and Gunnar also took part in the second Eden Prairie expedition, while Boogatti and Professor Dogface were part of the terrain mapping mission south of Tau. Gunnar is currently in the Eye Forest with Crow and Zieser.

Charlie Roxx (Gonster). Human Enforcer 2 (1090 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (chain mail), MV 9″, HD 2+2 (hp 17), STOP sign axe (hvy melee Atk +2, 1d10). Creep: Mild. Rad tab, gold wedding band, 8 electronic parts.

A gruff old sarge, but loves kids.

Silent Jack (Gonster). Human Scout 1 (490 XP, +10% bonus), AC 9 (no armour), MV 15″, HD 1+2 (hp 10), homemade crossbow (med ranged Atk +1, 1d6), or rusty knife (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged +1, 1d4). Creep: Mild. Rad tab, duct tape.

He’s as obnoxious as he is loyal. Likes to challenge himself.

Charlie and Jack were part of the initial exploration of Crestone and the Torrington expedition. Charlie also participated in the missile silo delve and the terrain mapping mission south of Tau, while Silent Jack has joined Richard at the abandoned farmyard.


‘Little’ Lucas. Near-Human Scout 2 (1010 XP), AC 7/DR 1 (flak jacket), MV 15″, HD 2d6+2 (hp 10), 2 knives (lt melee Atk +0/-2, 1d6/1d6), or knife (lt melee Atk +2, 1d6 or lt ranged Atk +2, 1d4), or handgun (lt ranged Atk +2, 1d8). Quirk: Waif (+1 Subterfuge/-2 Athletics). Creep: Low (Incompatible Biology). Firearm ammo (1 extra), rad tab, 6 mechanical parts.

The smaller of the twins, Lucas is very sneaky.

‘Large’ Logan. Near-Human Scout 1 (825 XP), AC 5/DR 1 (leather armour + riot shield), MV 15″, HD 1d6+1 (hp 8), machete (med melee Atk +0, 1d8) or darts (lt ranged -1, 1d4). Quirk: Hardy (+1 Fortitude/-1 Reflex). Creep: Low (Nervous Spasms). Communicator (with power cell), rad tab, 5 electronic parts.

The larger of the twins, Logan is hale and hardy.

Lucas and Logan are twin brothers. They have been assigned to drive (and protect) the Damnation Minivan, and also take turns as sentries at Fort Bart.

Richard the Tainted. Mutant Enforcer 3 (5240 XP), AC 3/DR 2 (wireweave armour, fabristeel jumpsuit, + riot shield), MV 6″, HD 3d10 (hp 14), hybrid alloy sword (med melee Atk +3, 1d10), bow (med ranged Atk +3, 1d6), or throwing stars (lt ranged Atk +3, 1d4). Creep: High (Accumulated Resistance, Read Thoughts, Tumourization). Rad tab, arrows (1 extra).

A veteran of previous adventures; has been touched by the wastes and is now exiled to Crestone.

Zieser Three-Arm. Mutant Thinker 3 (3250 XP), AC 4 (chitin breastplate + shield), MV 9″, HD 3d6 (hp 10), battle klaw (hvy melee Atk +0, 1d10), or shiv (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4), or blowgun (lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: Medium (Incompatible Biology, Additional Arm). Rad purge (in readi-syringe).

Sole survivor of the crab people expedition; has not been seen in Tau since growing an extra appendage.

Richard and Zieser have been exposed to excessive Creep and are no longer welcome in Tau. Richard is currently manning the watch tower at the abandoned farmyard, while Zieser has accompanied Crow and Gunnar into the Eye Forest.

12 Responses to “Player Characters”

  1. Moses Says:

    Do not forget that Sawny gets a radtab. Also Richard and Silent Jack are at the old farm/grain silo not actually in Crestone.

  2. Moses Says:

    I thought Richards move was 3 or was that just because we were traveling through swamp/marsh?

  3. Moses Says:

    Is Professor Dogface a near-human? I ask because his creep is low yet he still gets +10% for xp.

  4. Moses Says:

    Would Silent Jack have a working rad tab, seeing as how he left Lau to go to the farm house?

    • He spent most of his time at Crestone, but I guess he would have been back at Lau since they started providing rad tabs.

  5. Moses Says:

    I have been thinking about the rules for making/repairing things. It seems to me that it would be more reasonable and fair to change the penalty for failure from you automatically lose half the stuff you were working with to you only waste parts if you fail by too large a margin; and then you lose a percentage up to half. Just because you can not do something correctly dose not necessarily mean you broke parts in the attempt.
    My suggestion is roll=target number=success/ roll below target number= failure/ roll 5+ below target number= failure and (roll) x number of pieces ruined by attempt. This assumes that you are trying to make/fix a non food/liquid object.

  6. Moses Says:

    While Bart is at the fort he will leave the different specimens he has collected. He is also going to leave his book on the repair of spinning wheels.
    Some of the things he will do while at the fort this time are: Make shelves for his specimens and the specimens/trophies of others. He wants to start a catalog of plants and animals that he and others find in the wild.
    if he dose not have them yet, he will ask Xavier to give him his different pictures that he has drawn so that there are pictures to go along with the specimens. He is hoping that Sawney will hang his trophies on the walls of the fort.
    He will also check to how much and how fast the exploding plants have grown. He is thinking of using them to make a kinda moat, or some how incorporate them into the defense of Ft. Bart.

  7. Moses Says:

    Do not forget that Richard and Silent Jack get xp for the Quill cat.

  8. Moses Says:

    You know that Zizer is going to get a reputation for bad luck. He has now been on 2 expeditions where he is the only survivor. I am going to guess that it is not his fault that everyone else that met the Crab people died but still….
    For those who might not follow this campaign closely, it is NOT Zizer’s fault that the other two died. If they would have done their job properly….

  9. Moses Says:

    It also occurs to Zizer that while he came back with little useful intelligence, the other side gained quite a bit of intelligence from the capture of Gunner. And yes Zizer has come to that conclusion as Gunner would never just disappear like that. He would needless to say, point this out to the elders.

  10. Moses Says:

    Have you awarded xp? Do not forget to note where the PC’s are located. Also along with Crow-That-Dances-Under-The-Moon being dead, Ziser has new equipment that will at some point need to be noted on his post/sheet.
    Did Bart use his own first-aid kits on Steckel and Lucas? Did either of them have to roll for creep? I am wondering if a failed roll is why Lucas is so sick.

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