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Advanced Firearms

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Assault Rifle

The careful control of parts for advanced energy weapons led to a renaissance of the gunsmith’s arts during the last years before the Fall. Some modern enclaves retain enough expertise to fashion basic firearms, provided they have sufficient supplies of scrap for their construction. The availability of Advanced Firearms, however, is quite limited.

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Gauss Weapons

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(I’ve got fragments of some new rule supplements, but have had trouble finishing them up so I’ll post them here. This one is swiped from Darwin’s World.)

Mass-driving weapons are advanced firearms that operate on a simple principle – an electro-magnetic force is used to drive a mass to dangerously high velocities to punch through armour, metal, tissue, whatever. Such weapons are a bridge between traditional ballistic weapons and energy weapons – they fire ballistic missiles but require an energy charge or field to build up the required force. Mass-drivers are almost universally known as “gauss weapons”.

Gauss weapons use specially-alloyed flechette projectiles as well as power from an e-clip source when fired. Gauss weapons can fire improvised ammunition (any small, magnetic metal fragments), but will only inflict half damage. Special armour-penetrating depleted uranium (DU) rounds are also available.

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