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Play-by-Comment Character Roster

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(This will be updated as new victims recruits become available…)

Damocles (John): Near-Human Enforcer 1 (0 XP), 11 hp, AC 2 (Brewster body armour & Stop-sign shield), MV 6″, SV +5, FuBar (med melee Atk +1, 1d8) or boar spear (hvy melee Atk +1, 1d10).

Might +4, Skill +2, Lore +2. Creep: Mild. Mutations: Danger sense (psi-power; ignore surprise), chronic asthma (-2 to Might checks, must rest 1-in-6)

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear (including a sharpening stone, large plastic sheet, extra pair of boots, small cooking pot, blanket, 3 bottles of water, and 10-5 ft iron bars that have threaded ends that connect to make a ladder), Brewster body armour, Stop-sign shield, FuBar, boar spear, rad tab (green).

Damocles was separated from his first group months ago, and decided to keep exploring on his own. He is a bit lost. He found a old set of armour and although it is very heavy it provides excellent protection. While he does not know where he is in relation to Tau, he is very knowledgeable of the surrounding terrain. Damocles did not learn of his asthma until he left and went exploring. When he is not gasping for breath, he is quite talkative.


Shorty (Dr. Intensity): Human Scout 1 (0 XP, +10% bonus), 10 hp, AC 7 (rough cloth armour), MV 15″, SV +6, rugged steel machete (med melee Atk +0, 1d8) or pipe rifle (med ranged Atk -1, 1d8).

Might +7, Skill +11, Lore +7. Creep: None.

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear, rough cloth armour, rugged steel machete, pipe rifle (with ammo), rad tab (green).

Shorty has been sneaking around Tau for years hoping for her chance to join a Surface Expedition Team. She is short both in stature and patience.

Player Characters – Bart and Xavier

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I’m going to try and rearrange some of the campaign information in the near future, and I’m starting with PCs. Moses has submitted a new character to accompany his existing PC. Here are the stats for Bart and Xavier, close friends who grew up together in Tau…

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Current Characters

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UPDATE 07-Jun-11: Check out this post for Bart and Xavier.

Here are stats for the currently active PCs, collected together for easy reference.

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‘Experienced’ Characters

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I am currently getting in touch with folks who were part of my older games. I am planning on rewarding/bribing players who have stuck with me through previous campaigns by transfering existing XP into Tempora Mutantur.

I will use the following conversion rates:

Such ‘experienced’ characters are assumed to be members of previous Surface Expedition Teams who have signed up for a second ‘tour of duty’. Since I plan on recycling some previous adventure locations in this campaign, your knowledge from previous games may be an asset. (Though note that I will make significant revisions to reflect the nature of Tempora Mutantur.)

Players can choose to split this XP between multiple characters, or lump it all into a single PC. Experienced PCs add +1 piece of equipment per rank (including 1st). Characters who start above rank 1 may have pre-existing Creep contamination; roll rank – 1d4 to determine contamination level. Alternatively, if you wish the character may start with contamination equal to his rank. (Reroll any disfiguring mutations – you must be pure-strain or near-human.)

Play-by-Comment XP Rewards

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I’m keeping track of each PC’s experience during this adventure. In general, characters in Tempora Mutantur gain experience by returning spare parts and artifacts to the Tau Storeroom and for defeating (or avoiding) monsters and hazards.

To recap, XP awards are as follows (each is award is shared equally amongst the survivors):

  • For each mechanical or electronic part provided to the Tau Storeroom, the returning party receives 10 XP and 1 TU.
  • Relics provided to the Tau Storeroom are worth XP equal to ½ their base value. This reward is halved (cumulatively) for unidentified or broken relics.
  • 100 XP for each HD of creature defeated. Double XP for tougher-than-normal creatures, half XP for avoiding encounters.

However, here are some additional sources of XP available in the Play-by-Comment game:

  • Stating an action for a PC: 10 XP (max of 1 per post per PC)
  • Mapping a new hex: 10 XP (split amongst all party members)
  • Successful skill check: 10 XP, at the referee’s discretion
  • Clever or amusing comment: 10-25 XP

Remember that pure-strain humans receive a +10% XP bonus and that characters must return to their home base for training before gaining a new rank.

Alternate Campaign Backgrounds

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The ‘default’ campaign background for Tempora Mutantur is set a century after the Fall, with the Ancient vault of Tau housing several hundred pure-strain humans. Its systems far beyond their initial design lives, constant maintenance is required to ensure Tau’s survival. Surface Expedition Teams (aka ‘Scavengers’) must scour the wastes and ruins for spare parts, but time will eventually run out for the subterranean inhabitants of Tau.

But that is only one potential campaign…

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Playtest Characters

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Here are the stats of a few of the surviving PCs from the playtest sessions:

Jomat the Angered. Mutant Enforcer 3 (4235 XP), AC 1/DR 3 (Unisoldier armour; +10 to Athletics checks, integrated e-clip charger), MV 9″, HD 3d10 (hp 21), hybrid greataxe (melee Atk +3, 1d12), or optic emissions (ranged Atk +3, 2d6), or speargun (ranged Atk +3, 1d8). False sensory input, optic emissions. Jomat takes out his anger on almost anyone, and he’s built up quite a bit over the years.

Jomat is the sole survivor of a previous expedition which netted some pretty decent relics – such as his Unisoldier armour. Unfortunately, Jomat had to abandon his companions (and their gear) to ravening ghouls in the ruins known as ‘Ember’. Given his mutations, he is no longer welcome in Tau.

Blathering Ben. Near-Human Thinker 2 (1210 XP), AC 7 (heavy robes), MV 12″, HD 2d6 (hp 8), baseball bat (melee Atk +1, 1d8), or slingshot (ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Mind block. Language translator. Ben has been following others his entire life; unfortunately he has become experienced enough to be considered important.

Brolim the Slim. Human Scout 3 (3285 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7 (coydog hide), MV 15″, HD 3d8+2 (hp 10), daggers (melee Atk +3, 1d6 or ranged Atk +3, 1d4), or hunting bow (ranged Atk +3, 1d6). Magnesium firestarter. Brolim is pale and skinny, but light on his feet.

Ben and Brolim are survivors of another ill-fated journey into the wastes (Ben spent most of the expedition unconscious). They returned to Tau with considerably less swag than Jomat.

Steel Magnolia. Near-Human Scout 2 (2618 XP), AC 7 (leather bodysuit), MV 15″, HD 2d8 (hp 8), kusari-gamma (melee Atk +1, 1d8), or crossbow (ranged Atk +2, 1d6). Clairvoyance, ultravision. Although a senior citizen, Steel Magnolia is still spry and alert.

Steel Magnolia is a more recent addition; her reputation as a good scout was cemented when she helped the party avoid a pack of giant scorpions.