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November 26th Tabletop Session

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On Saturday, November 26th, I had the good fortune to run both a Tabletop game and a Play-by-Skype session of Tempora Mutantur. Here is a session log of the afternoon tabletop game…

In previous sessions, Steckel had previously been identified as a descendent of Paul Bachman, one of the members of Habicorb’s board of directors. The central computer of the Eden Praire Vault Complex had agreed to let Steckel and his direct family access to the restored module known as the “Roach Motel”. The elders of Tau have condoned a slow, cautious establishment of a ‘satellite vault’ at Eden Prairie; and Steckel’s father and three siblings are to become the first four permanent ‘colonists’.

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Newspaper Clipping

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The following scrap is a well-preserved newspaper page, found in the rubble of Crestone. The remaining article had decayed beyond recognition.

(Compliments of Moses, this post is back-dated to when he sent me the e-mail with the link to SF Weekly article.)

03 – Underground Base

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“Well, what are we waiting for?” Steckel asks as he strains to peer down the ramp. All that you can tell from out here is that someone has set up shop inside and there are barricades of old scrap metal and wood about 30 feet from the entrance.

The grip on her pipe tightening with each syllable leaving Steckel’s mouth, Mad Mariah pauses before slowly responding. “How about you stand right here and the rest of us figure out a way to get in there without getting killed?”

Seeing a challenge, Silent Jack raises his hand and mutters: “Stay under cover. Let me mess around with the door and see if anyone is in there.”

“Sounds like you know what you’re doing there Jack, we’ve got your back.” Steckel taps his palm with his hammer. Mad Mariah grunts and looks for some cover.
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02 – Journey to Crestone

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After a brief pause to get your bearings, the party sets off northwards towards Crestone. The morning is cool and crisp as the red sun rises fully above the eastern hills. Your surroundings are eerily silent, and you pass quickly through the surface ruins of Tau. For many years these buildings provided the parts and supplies that your community needed, until they ran out. There are still some signs of previous expeditions here – including the final diggings and excavations which proved that all items of worth had been scavenged already.
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01 – Departure

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You and your fellow scavengers have been selected from the Field of Champions to be the first team to explore the surface this year. Vault Overseer Swahl provides some words of encouragement at your departure:

“Congratulations, fellow citizens. You have been selected for the next Surface Expedition Team. You will shortly leave the protected environment of the underground vault to explore the scarred surface of our planet and scavenge the ruined cities for materials that will ensure our survival.”
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