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Images from the Wastes (Fungus Forest)

Posted in Campaign Info with tags , , , on 21-Sep-11 by K-Slacker

The Fungus Forest appears to be a recent phenomena, as previous Map Reconnaissance did not report its existence. Tau Expedition Control recommends caution when entering the forest, and the use of respiratory filters or gas masks to reduce the risk of infection from errant spores.

Session Report – The Fungus Forest

Posted in Game Session with tags , , , on 05-May-11 by K-Slacker

I ran a Play-by-Skype session last weekend, with one new player (Moses) and one returning player (Kevin). Three PCs set out from Tau this time – Bart, Sawney, and Jest. I also threw in two NPCs (Logan and Lucas) in case the group needed backup.

Instead of returning to the Eden Prairie Vault Complex, the players decided to explore the mysterious fungus forest.

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