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Risky Business

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There were a number of comments to my last post related to Creep contamination and the risks of suffering mutation.

Exploring the surface is risky business in Tempora Mutantur (see my Grim New World post). Expedition Teams may encounter Creep contamination in the form of rad storms, soil contaminated by chemical weapons, pockets of toxic goo, strange diseases of Ancient origin, or any number of other sources.

If you are carrying a Geiger counter or rad tabs, you can never be quite sure whether they’ll be able to detect this particular form of Creep. And even if they do provide warning, it may already be too late.

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The Tau Storeroom

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UPDATE 16-May-11: Contents have been updated to reflect the outcome of the East to Eden session. Lots of TU available to outfit a new expedition!

One key element of my Tempora Mutantur campaign is the ‘Tau Storeroom’. This is where PCs can exchange swag scavenged in the wastes for Experience and Trade Units. Characters can of course choose to keep any of the relics they find, but then do not receive XP or TU. Items turned over to the storeroom remain available for future expeditions, but must be repurchased – and the cost to buy back is higher than the original compensation given. In addition, characters receive reduced reward for items that are broken or not yet identified (all relics automatically identified once sold to the storeroom).

Because the primary mission objective of Scavengers is to return spare parts to keep Tau running, increased experience is provided for mechanical and electronic parts. This is intended to be a key source of XP for character advancement.

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Tempora Mutantur on Google Docs

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UPDATE: The migration to Google Docs is now complete.

I have updated the links on this site and you can now get the Tempora Mutantur Core Rules from the Core Rules post.

You can download all the rules supplements from the One-Page Downloads post.

For some background on why I chose to move from Scribd, check out this blog post.