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Scavengers of the Mutant World

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One thing that I should probably be clearer about is that I swiped most of the campaign background from an obscure computer RPG from the 1980s called “Scavengers of the Mutant World”. Credit goes to Richard Launius, Bruce Beaumont, and Chris Stassen.

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Risky Business

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There were a number of comments to my last post related to Creep contamination and the risks of suffering mutation.

Exploring the surface is risky business in Tempora Mutantur (see my Grim New World post). Expedition Teams may encounter Creep contamination in the form of rad storms, soil contaminated by chemical weapons, pockets of toxic goo, strange diseases of Ancient origin, or any number of other sources.

If you are carrying a Geiger counter or rad tabs, you can never be quite sure whether they’ll be able to detect this particular form of Creep. And even if they do provide warning, it may already be too late.

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A Grim New World

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I’ve been thinking about the tone of my recent Tempora Mutantur session, and have taken the opportunity to re-read some old forum posts which I have mentioned in some of my other post-apocalyptic gameblogs. Since they fit what I am trying to convey in this minimalist game, I am repeating them here.

I ran across some posts by a guy named ‘geoffrey’ on an Original D&D forum discussing his vision of the 1st edition Gamma World game. The posts really piqued my imagination, and once I read them I knew that I had to include them somehow.

So here are some rough notes on the world of Tempora Mutantur, using much of the text from geoffrey’s original posts. Take a look at the posts ‘My Vision of Gamma World‘ and ‘My Thoughts on GW’s Cryptic Alliances‘ if you have the time.

(Yes; these were by Geoffrey McKinney of Carcosa fame/infamy. I was inspired by his posts a couple years ago, and in the meantime he has released an OD&D supplement fleshing out his gaming concepts. You can check it out at Geoffrey McKinney’s CARCOSA.)

(Note that ‘GW’ and ‘Gamma World’ references have been switched to ‘Tempora Mutantur’ in the notes below, and GW-specific terms have been switched to the Tempora Mutantur equivalents.)

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Campaign Prologue

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The old man rolled over in his Ancient bed, a gift from a recent Surface Expedition Team. Although tattered, such items were a luxury – but certainly deserved by one such as Andor. After all, he was the Vault Elder and the first Scavenger ever to return to Lau with treasure from the ruined world above.

Andor stroked his long white beard. Often he thought that his long life had been a curse. Due to a strange mutation contracted during his trek into the contaminated world above, he had now reached the age of 96 years, outliving even his grandchildren. In those years, he had seen the slow decline of Lau and now feared greatly for the community’s future.

But it is not a day to worry about that, he thought, today is special. It is the Day of Hope! Soon the sacred bells would summon the inhabitants of Lau to the Field of Champions, where members of the community would compete in tests of strength and bravery. As Vault Elder, Andor would oversee the contests and decide who would journey into the world above as a Scavenger. The chosen, he hoped, would return with the machinery and equipment needed to allow preserve the future of Lau’s citizens for yet another year.

Moving from the window, Andor donned his ceremonial clothing, thinking about the day’s event. Soon he would recite the history of the Fall to the Lauans as they gathered for the Day of Hope…

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