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SPECIAL Abilities, Traits, & Quirks

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Okay – here’s a collected one-page version of my recent SPECIAL Abilities and Descriptive Traits posts, along with an updated version of Quirks.

(If I were to run new sessions of Tempora Mutantur today, I’d probably use Descriptive Traits.)

Genotypes and Classes Supplement

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UPDATE 18-Apr-13: I’ve added a Genotype Summary to the original Character Classes info to create a combined supplement, and revised this post accordingly…

I’m on a roll lately… I whipped up this rules supplement based on some recent posts. I was able to fit all of the genotype text (with extras) plus the expanded enforcer, scout, and thinker class descriptions – but wasn’t able to include the progression tables.

Snazzy artwork swiped from Mutant Epoch by William McAusland.

Should come in handy for tabletop sessions, especially tournament games.

Core Rules – Another Take

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It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the Tempora Mutantur rules. Last week I re-read them, and a couple things bothered me.

  1. First was hit points. I switched to fixed hp at each rank (+5 for enforcers, +4 for scouts, and +3 for thinkers; double at 1st).
  2. Second was thinkers. Player feedback is that they’re pretty sucky compared to the other classes. So I moved the rules for Tech Levels to the Core Rules (displacing the Ancient Relics text) and gave thinkers the benefit of Advanced-Tech (while other classes are Retro-Tech). That should make them more interesting to play.
  3. Third was the skill names. “Athletics” and “Subterfuge” don’t really roll of the tongue. And I want scouts to be more “skilled” in general, rather than just sneaky. So I changed Atheletics to Might and Subterfuge to Skill. And I changed the nomenclature for “Skills” to “Feats” (since Skill is now one of the three basic abilities).

So anyways, here are the new Tempora Mutantur Core Rules for 2013:

So – anyone still out there? Any opinions on these changes?

Complete TM Rules in Hebrew

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(D’oh! I thought I published this post, but it was sitting in “Draft” mode since late September! I’ve back-dated it to when the post was written.)

Last year, Golan translated Tempora Mutantur to Hebrew for his local RPG forums. It looks like it’s been getting some play in Isreal, as he has taken all the available one-page rules and provided an expanded translation:

There’s even some artwork, courtesy of Artikid.

As before, I can’t read a word of it (well, except for the “K-Slacker” on the cover page) – but it looks awesome!

Thanks again Golan, for your efforts.

Alternate Character Cards

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Here are revised index cards for PCs, incorporating the revisions found in the ‘Alternate’ Core Rules (with a single saving throw and class skill modifiers):

Again, credit goes to artikid for the overall design, with clipart swiped from Mutant Epoch.

Alternate Core Rules

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Here is an alternate version of the Tempora Mutantur Core Rules, applying the changes mused about in my previous post:

Adventuring Skills and Saving Throws are different than the standard rules.

So – which version do you prefer?

Tempora Mutantur Character Cards

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After a strong November, I’ve been negligent with this gameblog for the past couple weeks. I’ve been posting updates on my Dwarven Glory site, and am now bringing some of the love back to Tempora Mutantur. As a start, here is a set of 3×5″ index cards for keeping track of PCs:

The basic look is taken from artikid’s designs, with clipart swiped from Mutant Epoch.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!