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Missile Command!

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Pulp-O-Mizer Clone Vat

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This month’s Pulp-O-Mizer image, fresh from the clone vats:


Check out the Sleepers, Clones, & Replicants supplement.

Pulp-O-Mizer Danger!

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A Pulp-O-Mizer image for your viewing interest:


(Separated from the rest of their group, our heroes are ambushed!)

GIFs from the Wastes

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You might have noticed the animated GIFs from my robots posts. I’ve been Googling some old CRPGs and I came across some pics that I’d love to steal for Tempora Mutantur…

First are more of my favourite images from Wasteland (DOS PC version):

WL_ani_116 WL_ani_217 WL_ani_119

WL_ani_109 WL_ani_241 WL_ani_114

From the Bard’s Tale (Atari version):

Bard 1 51 Atari Bard 1 29 Atari Bard 1 27 Atari

From Bard’s Tale II: Destiny Knight (Amiga version):

Bard 2 40 Amiga Bard 2 62 Amiga Bard 2 59 Amiga

From Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate (Amiga version):

Bard 3 17 Amiga Bard 3 22 Amiga Bard 3 44 Amiga

Bard 3 43 Amiga Bard 3 54 Amiga Bard 3 59 Amiga

Bard 3 84 Amiga Bard 3 83 Amiga Bard 3 80 Amiga

From the Bard’s Tale Construction Set (Amiga version):

Bard 4 11 PC Bard 4 13 PC Bard 4 17 PC

Bard 4 26 PC Bard 4 27 PC Bard 4 36 PC

(Wasteland images are from the Wasteland Wiki and the Bard’s Tale pics are from Kroah’s Game Reverse Engineering Page.)

Weird Future

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Another Pulp-O-Mizer image:

Weird Future

(A thinker cautiously examines his latest find…)


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Courtesy of Pulp-O-Mizer:

Surface Scan

(A pair of explorers conduct a surface scan…)

These Are Mutant Times!

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“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis” – Latin adage

(These are mutant times, and we too are changed by them)

(Image via the Savage Afterworld.)