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Improvised Firearms

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Here’s a Retro-Tech scrap pistol:

Scrap Pistol

And here’s a pipe “rifle” (more like a carbine):

Pipe Rifle

Game stats (repeated from the Expanded Weapons page) are as follows:

Retro-Tech Weapons: Value Type Damage
  Scrap Pistol 40 TU Retro, Lt, Ranged 1d6
    Improvised, concealable, out of ammo on 1 or 2.
  Pipe Rifle 50 TU Retro, Med, Ranged 1d8
    Improvised, out of ammo on 1 or 2.

Improvised weapons suffer a -2 penalty to Atk rolls (-1 for enforcers).

(Photos are improvised Chechan firearms from Assorted Russia, Part 65.)

Expanded Weapon Rules

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UPDATE 09-Jun-13: I’ve revised these rules and they’re no longer consistent with Dwarven Glory, but fit better with my vision for this game and match the Core Rules again.

Tempora Mutantur uses broad definitions for weapons. A wrench can be swung like a club. Every long piercing weapon is a spear. The cosmetic traits of your character’s possessions are for you to decide. This is an opportunity for creativity; don’t strap statistics to your back when you can make a ‘sword’ out of a hockey stick and a serrated metal blade.

In game terms, weapons are divided melee and ranged types. They are further split into three categories: light, medium, and heavy. The tables below provide a selection of sample weapons as examples.

Note that some basic types of firearms can be manufactured by Retro-Tech communities (and are often available from the Tau storeroom). More advanced weapons are generally unavailable for trade and must be scavenged from the wasteland ruins.

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Expanded Armour Rules

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I’m adapting this from an equivalent post on my Dwarven Glory gameblog.

Post-Apoc Dude

Armour isn’t the only fashion statement that a character can make, but it’s a big one. Motorcycle leathers and stop-sign shields are de rigueur in the wastes. As noted in the Core Rules, a lower AC makes you harder to hit, but penalizes movement and adventuring feat checks.

The armours and shields listed here are common types that can be manufactured by post-Fall communities (sometimes using commonly scavenged materials, such as tire treads or electrical wires). Primitive groups fabricate most of their armour and shields from natural materials such as leather, hide, or chitin (from the shells of giant mutant insects). Heavy armour is relatively rare.

The listed types are only guidelines. Players are expected to provide some flair in the descriptions of their armour and shields.

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