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SPECIAL Abilities, Traits, & Quirks

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Okay – here’s a collected one-page version of my recent SPECIAL Abilities and Descriptive Traits posts, along with an updated version of Quirks.

(If I were to run new sessions of Tempora Mutantur today, I’d probably use Descriptive Traits.)

SPECIAL Abilities

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_5227741_origA few months ago I picked up Pits & Perils from Olde House Rules. It’s modeled after the numerous war games-turned-fantasy RPG campaigns that proliferated during the early 1970s.

Pits & Perils uses a really simple approach for character abilities. Instead of ranking each attribute (e.g., Strength 9), a character either possesses the ability or does not. In Pits & Perils you might, for example, have a Strong Fighter or Intelligent Magician. (Or maybe an Intelligent Fighter or Strong Magician – potentially more interesting as characters.)
This suggests a way to incorporate abilities in a minimalist game (like Tempora Mutantur) without adding a lot of complication…

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