Tau Storeroom

UPDATE 20-Oct-11: Pricing updated to reflect revised Relics rules. Medicine is now provided at a discount.

One key element of my Tempora Mutantur campaign is the ‘Tau Storeroom’. This is where PCs can exchange swag scavenged in the wastes for Experience and Trade Units. Characters can of course choose to keep any of the relics they find, but then do not receive XP or TU.

Items turned over to the storeroom remain available for future expeditions, but must be repurchased – and the cost to buy back is higher than the original compensation given. In addition, characters receive reduced reward for items that are broken or not yet identified (all relics automatically identified once sold to the storeroom).

Because the primary mission objective of Scavengers is to return spare parts to keep Tau running, increased experience is provided for mechanical and electronic parts. This is intended to be a key source of XP for character advancement.

Here is a link to the current contents of the Tau Storeroom:

Also check out the Player Characters, Campaign Rumours, and Campaign Map pages.

Exchange Rates

The current exchange rates are as follows:

  • For each mechanical or electronic part, the party receives 10 XP and 1 TU.
  • An identified relic in working order provides the party with XP equal to ½ its base value and TU equal to ½ its base value.
  • If the relic has not been identified, the XP and TU rewards are reduced by one-half. Any unidentified item turned over to the storeroom is automatically identified by the elders of Tau.
  • Similarly, if the relic is broken, the XP and TU rewards are reduced by one-half. (This is cumulative with the ‘unidentified’ penalty.)

Once the item is in the storeroom, it can be repaired or repurchased at the following rates:

  • A broken relic can be repaired for ½ its base value. (It’s still in the storeroom, however – buy it if you want to use it!)
  • An item can be purchased from the storeroom at 2× its base value. (If it’s broken, reduce this by one-half. But if you just paid to have it fixed, you’ve just doubled its repurchase price!)

Take, for example, a power cell charger (Gizmo #11 from the Relics supplement). A working charger has a value of 200 TU. If turned into the storeroom, it will net the party 100 TU and 100 XP – unless they were unable to identify it first, in which case it’s only worth 50 TU and 50 XP. The PCs can repurchase the charger from the storeroom, but at an inflated cost of 400 TU.

Now say that the charger was broken. It can be sold for 50 TU / 50 XP (or 25 TU / 25 XP if not identified first). Once in the storeroom, the party can pay 100 TU to have the item repaired, then another 400 TU to repurchase the item. This method is a reliable, if expensive, way to repair any item.

I keep a running total of the TU earned in the Tau Storeroom by the Surface Expedition Teams. I also have a list of ‘starter’ equipment that is available for purchase. As Scavengers return with loot, new items are added. And as they spend TU, other items are removed. The next time I start a new group in a Tempora Mutantur campaign, I intend to take the storeroom inventory from the previous campaign and continue from there.

5 Responses to “Tau Storeroom”

  1. Moses Says:

    You might note that the flashlight dose not need a power cell according to the Lau storeroom list. :>

  2. Moses Says:

    I have some thoughts on the prices that Lau charges. Some of the charges make sense from either a real life perspective or a control the game perspective, but some of the pricing seems self-defeating. For example: a rad suit costs 500TU. This is way too expensive I think. Both you (GM) and the elders of Lau want their Surface Exploration Teams (SET) to explore the world and bring back useful stuff. It would seem to that creep ruins might have more easily found treasure than non-creep areas, but I can assure that I am not going to explore any creep zones without a rad suit. To date the most TU that any group that I have been with has had at the most 300TU to spend amongst 3-5 different PC’s. Also because the TU in the bank can be spent by anyone it is not possible to spend all the TU on a big ticket item. This makes no scene to me. They should be no more than 50-75TU at the most.
    What is the difference between light hybrid armor and light armor? The answer 20TU. That is it. To begin with why would anyone waste the materiel on making light hybrid armor when the old fashion stuff is just as good? Nobody that’s who. Then the question to ask is WHO is going to spend a extra 20TU on something that dose not give you 20TU worth of value? To date it is vary difficult to get TU, and I am going to spend my VARY hard earned TU on something that gives no extra protection, are you kidding??? I understand the high price for guns and lasers, though I personally think you have marked them a little too high and in the case of the ion rifle way too high however this is a quibble.
    It would seem to be in the best interest of the elders to recharge batteries and so I think you have that over priced also.
    Basically I think you charge too much for everything across the board but some of the stuff makes no sense whatsoever and makes the game a wee bit less fun.
    My next thought is why dose the list of items available for purchase in the store room change so little? If there are more SET’s on the surface than it stands to reason that there would be a bit more turn over of stuff. Even if noone was buying anything it seems to that some of the things that can be found on the relic list would find their way onto the shelves of the Lau storeroom. Now I am not for a second thinking that something like power armor should ever get put on the shelf of the store, but there are a great many things that might find there if only to make the perusal of the list a little more fun. There might actually be something new there.

  3. Moses Says:

    To continue with my thinking about the Lau storeroom. I suppose that it is possible that you keep the prices so extremely high because you want PC’s to start their own stores and repair shops. I do not think this is the reason but I might be wrong. However Xavier can fix weapons and make gun powder, how much trouble will he get into if he sets up a alternative store for those items that he can fix? Jerome might fix electronic items for less than Lau. The Thinker npc that you have might also start a business that undercuts Lau’s prices. I could even see Eden charging to heal people. (Though if Lau were to discover exactly how much Eden has, they will send a army to invade.)
    What will competition do to the safety and tranquility of Lau? I can understand that Lau needs to be a bit stingy with it’s stores, but in my opinion you need to change the TU amounts for a great many things on the list. If only so that the game is more enjoyable to play. I further understand that you want people to get creep contamination so that you can mutate them, but it should be obvious that I am not going to mess with creep unless I have some way to protect myself. Now this could be Rad shots, rad suit, Geiger counter, something else, or some combination of them all. This would not make me immune but it would mean that exploring creep zones is not necessarily suicidal. The advantages of exploring creep zones would be many for the SET’s: chances of more and better loot, knowledge and xp.

  4. A lot of the earlier playtest sessions consisted of scavenging runs in ruined cities. An expedition could net a couple hundred TU (an an equivalent amount of XP) in a single trip. In fact, I was worried that the storeroom would fill up quickly and it would become too easy to accumulate TU!

    Our recent games have been more “story-based”, with a lesser amount of swag obtained. I should probably increase the amount of ‘stuff’ available in the adventure locations; it takes more sessions to clear them than the abstract scavenging in city ruins.

    And hybrid light armour is 20 TU more awesome than the ‘standard’ gear. (Although you are correct that more experienced scavengers view it as a wasted expense.)

  5. Referee Reminder: A special allowance of 600 TU was granted to the Gunnar/Richard/Crow (with Gunnar as spokesman).

    Allowance remaining (20-Oct-11): 600 TU 0 TU.

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