Expanded Armour Rules

I’m adapting this from an equivalent post on my Dwarven Glory gameblog.

Post-Apoc Dude

Armour isn’t the only fashion statement that a character can make, but it’s a big one. Motorcycle leathers and stop-sign shields are de rigueur in the wastes. As noted in the Core Rules, a lower AC makes you harder to hit, but penalizes movement and adventuring feat checks.

The armours and shields listed here are common types that can be manufactured by post-Fall communities (sometimes using commonly scavenged materials, such as tire treads or electrical wires). Primitive groups fabricate most of their armour and shields from natural materials such as leather, hide, or chitin (from the shells of giant mutant insects). Heavy armour is relatively rare.

The listed types are only guidelines. Players are expected to provide some flair in the descriptions of their armour and shields.

Armour & Shields Table

Value Tech
Light Armour:
  Unarmoured 9 12″
  Skins / Furs 5 TU Primitive 8 12″
  Cloth / Padded 10 TU Primitive 8 12″
  Hide Armour 15 TU Primitive 7 12″
  Leather Armour 20 TU Primitive 7 12″
Medium Armour:
  Junk Armour 20 TU Primitive 6 9″
  Tire Tread Armour 25 TU Retro 6 10½”
  Chitin Shell 30 TU Primitive 6 10½”
  Wireweave Armour 35 TU Retro 5 9″
  Scrap Mail Armour 40 TU Retro 5 9″
  Chitin Carapace 45 TU Primitive 5 9″
Heavy Armour:
  Heavy Junk Armour 45 TU Primitive 4 6″
  Scrap Breastplate 50 TU Retro 4 7½”
  Lamellar Armour 55 TU Retro 4 7½”
  Scrap Plate Armour 60 TU Retro 3 6″
  Small Shield 10 TU Primitive -1 *
  Large Shield 20 TU Primitive -1

* A small shield’s AC bonus can only be
used against a single attack per round.

Note that the Tech Level entry indicates the minimum technology to manufacture a particular armour type. Creatures who loot or scavenge higher-tech armour may wear it without penalty.

One Response to “Expanded Armour Rules”

  1. Players are welcome to come up with their own armour types and descriptions, as long as they stay within the guidelines shown above.

    Your duct-taped jumpsuit, for example, would probably be treated as the equivalent to cloth armour.

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