Tempora Mutantur Rules

This page is intended to collect together all the rules downloads available for Tempora Mutantur, as well as various House Rules proposed on the gameblog. You can also find download links on the sidebar (at right).

Here are links to the player rules for Tempora Mutantur, the minimalist one-page post-apocalyptic RPG:

Here are the referee supplements:

And finally, here are two subterranean adventure locations adapted from the sample adventures in Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future rulebooks from Goblinoid Games:

You can also go straight to the Tempora Mutantur folder in Google Docs.

House Rules

The following gameblog posts (listed in reverse chronological order) have presented clarifications or house rules for Tempora Mutantur:

(Note that some of these house rules have not been updated to the latest revision of the game rules.)

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