Welcome to the Future!

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Rad Sign

The Fall has long since wiped out civilization, leaving the planet’s surface a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures, and forcing the few survivors underground to live as best they could. Your community – called Lau – has endured through the long years since the Fall, its inhabitants sheltered safely beneath the earth.

Until now…

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Southern Reach; Roadside Picnic; Stalker

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So I started reading some weird fiction lately – specifically Annihilation and Authority, the first two books of Jeff VanderMeer‘s “Southern Reach” trilogy. The Southern Reach is a secret agency that manages expeditions into an area known as Area X. Area X is an uninhabited and abandoned area that nature has begun to reclaim. The third book (Acceptance) doesn’t come out until September, so I’m going to wait until then to review the trilogy.

Some of the features of Area X got me thinking about Tempora Mutantur again, and I started hunting for books with a similar theme. Earlier, I had read about Roadside Picnic, by the Soviet sci-fi authours Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The text of the story is available online, and epub versions are easy to find. I downloaded a copy, and read it through in a day.

I must say I’m still confused about the ending, but the idea of the zones is very compelling. The story inspired the Ukrainian FPS S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and the Finnish diceless RPG Stalker. The latter is of particular interest, as although I’m lukewarm about the whole “diceless” idea, I quickly realized that the minimalist Tempora Mutantur ruleset could be adapted very easily to this setting.

We’ll see if I get inspired enough to do a “Stalker” edit of Tempora Mutantur, but in the meantime I provide the following ratings for Roadside Picnic and the Stalker RPG.

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Improvised Firearms

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Here’s a Retro-Tech scrap pistol:

Scrap Pistol

And here’s a pipe “rifle” (more like a carbine):

Pipe Rifle

Game stats (repeated from the Expanded Weapons page) are as follows:

Retro-Tech Weapons: Value Type Damage
  Scrap Pistol 40 TU Retro, Lt, Ranged 1d6
    Improvised, concealable, out of ammo on 1 or 2.
  Pipe Rifle 50 TU Retro, Med, Ranged 1d8
    Improvised, out of ammo on 1 or 2.

Improvised weapons suffer a -2 penalty to Atk rolls (-1 for enforcers).

(Photos are improvised Chechan firearms from Assorted Russia, Part 65.)

Pulp-O-Mizer Clone Vat

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This month’s Pulp-O-Mizer image, fresh from the clone vats:


Check out the Sleepers, Clones, & Replicants supplement.

Play-by-Comment Character Roster

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(This will be updated as new victims recruits become available…)

Damocles (John): Near-Human Enforcer 1 (0 XP), 11 hp, AC 2 (Brewster body armour & Stop-sign shield), MV 6″, SV +5, FuBar (med melee Atk +1, 1d8) or boar spear (hvy ranged Atk +1, 1d10).

Might +4, Skill +2, Lore +2. Creep: Mild. Mutations: Danger sense (psi-power; ignore surprise), chronic asthma (-2 to Might checks, must rest 1-in-6)

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear (including a sharpening stone, large plastic sheet, extra pair of boots, small cooking pot, blanket, 3 bottles of water, and 10-5 ft iron bars that have threaded ends that connect to make a ladder), Brewster body armour, Stop-sign shield, FuBar, boar spear, rad tab (green).

Damocles was separated from his first group months ago, and decided to keep exploring on his own. He is a bit lost. He found a old set of armour and although it is very heavy it provides excellent protection. While he does not know where he is in relation to Lau, he is very knowledgeable of the surrounding terrain. Damocles did not learn of his asthma until he left and went exploring. When he is not gasping for breath, he is quite talkative.

Shorty (Dr. Intensity): Human Scout 1 (0 XP, +10% bonus), 10 hp, AC 7 (rough cloth armour), MV 15″, SV +6, rugged steel machete (med melee Atk +0, 1d8) or pipe rifle (med ranged Atk -1, 1d8).

Might +7, Skill +11, Lore +7. Creep: None.

Possessions: Surface Expedition gear, rough cloth armour, rugged steel machete, pipe rifle (with ammo), rad tab (green).

Shorty has been sneaking around Lau for years hoping for her chance to join a Surface Expedition Team. She is short both in stature and patience.

Pulp-O-Mizer Danger!

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A Pulp-O-Mizer image for your viewing interest:


(Separated from the rest of their group, a pair of explorers is ambushed!)

Advanced Firearms

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Assault Rifle

The careful control of parts for advanced energy weapons led to a renaissance of the gunsmith’s arts during the last years before the Fall. Some modern enclaves retain enough expertise to fashion basic firearms, provided they have sufficient supplies of scrap for their construction. The availability of Advanced Firearms, however, is quite limited.

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Tempora Mutantur Play-by-Comment?

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Do YOU have what it takes to brave a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures?

Rad Sign

I’m jonesing to get in some actual play of Tempora Mutantur, but the stars have not aligned for a Google+ session. Instead, I am thinking about running a Play-by-Comment mini-campaign here on this gameblog.

I’ve done several play-by-comment games before (Expedition to the Barrier Peaks being the most popular). But this time I’m looking for more of a ‘quick-and-dirty’ experience – the amount of time to craft each post was a reason why I got burnt out before. The intent would be to portray a single outing and see how things go.

Is there any interest? Tempora Mutantur is suited to single players with multiple PCs, so I’d be willing to run with a very small group.

Leave a comment here if you’re game, check out the Core Rules / Mission Overview (and maybe the Genotypes & Classes supplement), then make a few characters.


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